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   The police will mount a number of 2,000 reflective plates on their carts free of charge [12/07/19 07:49AM]   
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The involvement of wagons in a large number of accidents, some of them killed and seriously injured, led representatives of the County Police Inspectorate Suceava to take action. Specifically, 2,000 reflective plates were made to be mounted free of charge on animal-powered vehicles.


Since the beginning of the year, there have been 54 road events involving the wagons, up from last year's four events. In these accidents, three people died and nine were seriously injured, while another 53 people suffered simpler injuries. Out of the total of accidents, in 38 cases, the road traffic accident was the fault of the carriages.


To prevent as much as possible these road events, between October and November 2018, police officers and policemen in rural police posts will be on the road to identify carriages that have no reflective items installed.


On this occasion, the Suceava police officers reminded themselves of a series of traffic rules that must be respected by wagons:


The access and movement of animal-powered vehicles on national roads, in municipalities and on roads where there are signs of foreclosure are prohibited;


To drive on public roads that access is permitted, animal-powered vehicles will be equipped with lighting and reflective-fluorescent devices;


On roads that are allowed access, animal towing vehicles must be driven on the marsh or, failing that, as close to the right edge of the road as possible.


The driver of the towing vehicle is obliged:


Have the identity document, the registration certificate, and the registration number plates on the vehicle;


Drive the animals so that they do not pose a danger to them and other road users;


Not to stop or stand on the public roadway;


During stopping or standing on a marsh or off-road, the animals must be tethered so that they cannot enter the carriageway;


Not drive the vehicle when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or drugs or drugs with similar effects;


Indicate the change of direction of movement with the arm and ensure that there are no vehicles from the front or rear which could endanger the safety of the movement;


Leave the evening until dawn or when visibility is low, not to run on public roads without wearing fluorescent-reflective clothing, reflective vest and without the vehicle having a white or yellow light at the front, and at the rear a red light device located on the left-hand side;


Do not carry objects that exceed the length or width of the vehicle if the load is not signaled on the day with a red flag and at night or under reduced visibility with a fluorescent reflective device mounted at the rear of the load;


Do not travel with animals accompanying the vehicle if they are not connected to the right-hand side of the vehicle or to the rear of the vehicle as close as possible to the right-hand side. The connection must not be more than 1.5 meters;


Not to enter the roads upgraded or cobbled with the wheels of the muddy vehicle;


Do not carry persons standing in the vehicle;


Not to abandon the vehicle on public roads.




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