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   Bumper dead in a road accident [12/07/19 07:14AM]   
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On Sunday, May 12, a fatal accident occurred for a motorcycle driver, a 47-year-old man.


The accident took place in the evening, around 20:45, on the county road 709. According to IPA Bihor Chief Commissioner Alina Dinu, "a 51-year-old man from Băter commune while driving a car on the Bătăru market, when he entered the county road 709 did not give priority to the crossing and collided with a motorcycle led by a 47-year-old man."


Following the road accident, the motorcycle driver, who did not wear the helmet while driving, suffered injuries that caused him to die.


Motorcyclist injured in Oradea

Another man was injured on Friday, May 10, following an accident in Oradea.


"At 18.44, a 21-year-old from Oradea, while driving a car on Comarnic Street in Oradea, at the intersection with C-tin Brāncoveanu Street, did not respect the significance of the <Stop> road sign and entered the intersection without giving priority to crossing a motorcycle, headed from Decebal Boulevard to Onesti Street by a 44-year-old man from Oradea.


Following the event, the biker had to perform a collision avoidance maneuver and hit the left side of the rear left side of a van, stopped on the left side of the roadside of the biker's driving direction, and then left the carriageway to the left," says Chief Commissioner Alina Dinu.


Following the accident, the motorcycle driver suffered injuries for caring to the hospital.


Attention to motorcyclists

IPJ Bihor sends a series of tips to traffic participants during the warm-up and the arrival of more and more motorcycles in traffic. Each year, as the weather gets warm, the number of motorcycles or bicycles in traffic increases, so a period of "accommodating" with new road users is also necessary. Some drivers are not accustomed to seeing motorcycles in the traffic, not properly assessing their distance or speed, or, in the most unfortunate, not observing them.


Attention, drivers!


To avoid unwanted road traffic, bighorn roadside police recommend:


Before opening the doors, make sure that a motorcycle does not pass from the rear, and this is also true for the passengers in the vehicle you drive!


Increased attention to changing direction. A biker can always appear from behind or in front of you!


When leaving, make sure you do not endanger the safety of a motorcyclist!


When overtaken, do not increase the travel speed and move as close as possible to the right edge of the road.




Dear partners of the road, we know that beautiful weather and dry asphalt bring joy to the soul of any engine lover. We also know that with the beginning of the spring, motorcyclists come out of heavy winter clothes and go to protective jackets and boots and freshly-cleaned helmets that are so necessary for their safety.


In order to enjoy the spring, we, the policemen, recommend:


Use an approved helmet that meets current safety standards.


Always wear protective clothing as this only provides you with good protection during an accident and protects you from the weather. We advise you to opt for modular "layered" equipment so you can adapt it to the changing weather conditions.


Be visible! Wear bright, reflective clothing! Add extra reflective material or wear a reflective vest. Always keep the headlamp lit and run to the position where drivers can easily see you in the rearview mirror (at 2/3 of the belt width). Avoid the dead angles of other vehicles.


Drive curves at moderate speed without cutting them! Many accidents happen because of the opposite direction.


Keep eye contact - do not suppose others see you. Try to always have visual contact with the drivers that might be about to intersect your trajectory. Anticipate your partner's intentions! Even when drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians see you are getting closer, they often judge the distance and the speed. Do not rely solely on their good reaction.


Beware of vehicles at turns and intersections! The most common type of motorcycle crash is generated by drivers who are not assured to turn left or shift the lane


Be prepared for dangerous road conditions - wet roads, leakage, sand, gravel, submarine, pits, and other brush




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